Saturday, October 4, 2014

MAC & Becca Cosmetics Haul 10/2/14, Makeup Geek Haul 10/3/14

Hi everyone!  I have another haul post for you guys that I am very excited about.  I ordered a couple of limited edition items from MAC, one goody from Becca, and an entire palette from Makeup Geek.  Keep reading for more details.

From MAC, I ordered the Brooke Shields Gravitas: Eye Shadow X 15 palette and the Rocky Horror Picture Show pigment called It's Not Easy Having A Good Time.  Both of these items did sell out and are no longer available online.  The palette has a variety of shades, some of which are a part of the permanent selection of products.  The pigment is great dry and even more intense wet.  You can really see the essence of the color when applied damp, as shown in the photos below (with and without flash).

From Becca, I ordered the Champagne Gold Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed powder.  In person, this is a true bright gold that glides on effortlessly and lasts all day.  This color is perfect for fall and I can definitely see it going well with various looks.
From Makeup Geek, I ordered the Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette, which included 27 shades and  a large Gunmetal Chevron Z-Palette.  The colors are amazing.  You don't even have to really work with them for them to show their true color.  Let me know if you would like to see swatches.  The service was fantastic, everything you would like to have when making a purchase.  They even added a hand-written card to give it something that much more special.  You can see the time and effort put into each item.  The palette was sent wrapped in plastic.  Each eye shadow was individually wrapped, as well.  So, I was able to arrange the palette to my taste and liking.  I opted to arrange it alphabetically, as listed on the Makeup Geek website.  However, I usually arrange my makeup in a rainbow pattern, so I might just rearrange it later.  That's the beauty of this type of palette, all the freedom that comes with it.

I will be sure to start posting looks with these products here and on my Twitter page, @Blenditout.  Be sure to follow me and subscribe to this blog for more makeup looks, tips and tricks, what products are not and which are not.  Thanks for reading and always remember to Blend It Out!

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