Sunday, September 7, 2014

Not All Shades Are Created Equal Comparison & Review 8/22/14 & 8/27/14

Hi guys! Today's post is something a little different in my blog.  Today I will be talking about the Nails Inc. The Perfect Nude collection, which consists of 4 different shades.  I tried all four shades and was really happy with some shades and not thrilled with the other.  However, I will say it is possible that the base coat may have had a lot to do with the results in the first batch.  Unfortunately, I am not 100% sure about that.  I am going to post what my findings were with this trial anyway because I have never struggled before with any of the base and top coat products.  Truthfully, I don't believe any of these shades was my perfect nude shade.  I did like Montpelier Walk more than the other shades as being the closest to my skin shade for the purposes of this batch of colors.  Please note that I do put my hands through the ringer.  I wash my hands countless times every day, I hand wash dishes and rarely wear gloves to do any cleaning.  My review is relatively short as the pictures speak for themselves.  All that being said, these were my findings:

The 1st batch:
OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Left hand Nails Inc. The Perfect Nude in Elizabeth Mews
Right hand Nails Inc. The Perfect Nude in Charlotte Street
INM Out The Door Top Coat

Neither of these colors applied consistently or evenly.  The polish developed cracks that weren't visible from a distance but were noticeable close up.  Literally, on day 2, the polish on my middle finger on my right hand peeled completely off.  The photos show the wear and tear on the 4th day.  On day 5, I decided to just remove the polish as it just kept peeling off.

The 2nd batch:
Zoya Anchor Basecoat
Left hand Nails Inc. Montpelier Walk, accent nail Draycott Avenue Right hand Nails Inc. Draycott Avenue, accent nail Montpelier Walk
Zoya Armor Topcoat/UV Block
Zoya Speed Dry Drops

These two colors were a completely different story.  The color applied evenly and smoothly, didn't crack or peel excessively.  I removed the color after 1 week.  The photo shows the wear and tear after 6 days.  I was impressed with these shades as they lasted a week without issue.

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