Sunday, April 3, 2016

Peachykeen for Spring: First Impressions - Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette 04/02/16

Hey folks!  I just received the new Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection palette from Ulta and I have so much to share with you all.  First, special thanks to Ulta Beauty for getting this order and another (I ordered backups of the Smashbox Cosmetics Primer Water during the 21 Days of Beauty promotional event.) out to me so quickly.  I've always had to wait excessive amounts of time to receive an order.  This was a very pleasant surprise and I do hope this will become the new standard with all orders.

Please note: This is simply my first impressions using the palette and not a full-blown review.  I don't review products based on one use.  I do take issue with the people who simply swatch and declare the product to be the best of life, perfect, etc. without actually using the item and just to get you to purchase.  I will continue to use this palette before I make a final decision to recommend or return the product.  If any of you purchased this palette, I would love to hear your thoughts on it below.

Let's talk about the palette itself.  The packaging is similar to the Chocolate Bar palette, has a peach ombre effect with peaches embossed on the lid, and contains 18 eye shadows.  The shadows contain 0.03 oz of product per shade and do have their names printed on the packaging in gold.  At first glance, the colors look beautiful.  They are swatched below over a light layer of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion using my finger, for reference.  In producing the swatches, I noticed some of the colors need to be built up while others glide on seamlessly, which is typical of most palettes released.  There wasn't one that seemed impossible to work with, based on swatches alone.

However, I do have to mention the scent of the palette, which is something many are curious about.  The scent isn't anything like natural peaches.  It's more like peach candy, strong peach candy, or even peach air freshener.  It made me instantly nauseous and the effects lasted for hours.  I don't care for peach candy and I really disliked the smell of this product, to say the least.  Also, while I was swatching, my nose started running like crazy.

That being said, we are moving on to the use of the product, as I did opt to push through the initial reactions to really give this palette a shot.  The eye shadows were powdery/dusty and because of this were messy, as well.  I ended up with product all over the palette and my makeup desk.  When I swept the product on my eyes, I could literally see the product fly into the air, and it reminded me of chalk dust.  I found that I kept having to dip my brush into the pan to get the color to show up.  It seemed to be a lot of work and a lot of product to get any type of color payoff, despite having used NARS Cosmetics Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base all over the eye area.  I will say that once it was on, the makeup didn't fade or crease.  I did wear the makeup for extended periods of time with no issue.  The only thing I wasn't pleased with was that my eyes watered like crazy the entire time I was applying the eye shadows, for a while after I was done, as well, but did eventually stop.  The scent doesn't linger after the application, though.  I did like the way the look turned out and I do believe the colors together are lovely.  Pictured below is the eye makeup created using this palette exclusively, as well as the complete makeup meant to coordinate with the eye makeup.


  1. The colors look gorgeous! I'm sorry about the scent.


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