Saturday, August 22, 2015

Review: Color Club Holographic Nail Lacquer 08/15

Hi friends!  I have really been looking forward to sharing my review of the Color Club Nail Lacquers with you all.  I wouldn't have tried these had it not been for my friend Rob (@NailPolishDude on Twitter, @nailpolishdude23 on Instagram).  Not only does he have fantastic taste, he has encouraged and inspired me to broaden my horizons and try out different brands.  Thank you so much Rob for being a major supporter of me, my love of beauty and for being so kind all this time.  I never take it for granted.  Please go and show my friend some well-deserved love.

That being said, here are my thoughts on these beauties:  They're fabulous and amazing! First, look at how beautiful they are.  I mean seriously-- oh so pretty!!  Secondly and most importantly, they last.  I do mean last.  Most nail products chip on me the same day it was applied.  These lasted a full week with very minor tip wear and no chipping.  Keep in mind, I can't say this enough, I put my hands through the ringer, washing dishes, packing and unpacking boxes, lifting items, hitting/banging them, washing my hands a million times a day etc., you get the picture.  I did use Zoya Anchor and Armor, which are fabulous, too.  Other than that, nothing was used to enhance the color, the durability or effect of the lacquer.  They apply smoothly and evenly, without any pooling on the edges.  The consistency is not thick or thin.  Really, they're perfect and flawless.  Color Club has mastered the formula and I highly recommend them.

There you have it guys, short and sweet.  Hope you enjoyed my review.  Please list any comments or questions below.  I love hearing from you guys.  Also, go ahead a follow and subscribe if you haven't done so already.  Thanks for all the love!


  1. You are so right about these! Thanks for sharing and getting me on the bandwagon of course! I agree that these last and last. Most holographic formulae chip on me next day but these stay on for at least a week (before I remove for the next round).

    1. Tina,
      These polishes do impress-- to say the least. I'm so glad you like them as much as I do. You're very welcome. Thanks so much for commenting!


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