Sunday, September 7, 2014

Zoya Nails Of The Day 9/6/14

Hi guys!  This is just a quick glance at my nail look of the day.  I say it was "of the day" because, unfortunately, these polishes couldn't stand up to gutting birds and the polish did peel off.  I had planned on a review but it didn't happen with this batch.  Since I plan to be gutting more birds, I opted to wait until I was done to try a couple more shades.  I want the review to be fair in that I would test while doing things I normally do.  Gutting birds isn't on my daily to do list.  I still wanted to share it with you anyway because the colors are gorgeous and it is a great look.

Left hand Zoya Heidi Professional Lacquer with Annie accent nail
Right hand Zoya Annie Professional Lacquer with Heidi accent nail
Both with Zoya Anchor Basecoat and Armor Topcoat/UV Block
Zoya Fast Drops Speed Dry Drops on both

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