Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer Meets Fall: Collaboration with Marieta A. 8/20/14

Summer Meets Fall // Brave the Weather Transition with Style
by Marieta A.
Hello Blend It Out readers! I am so excited to write this collab piece! First things first... I want to thank Jessica for teaming up in this cool project!

My name is Marieta & I blog over at Marieta A. but before I go any further, there are 3 basic things you should know about me:

1-.I'm obsessed with tea.
2-.I like to procrastinate on the Aww section of reddit.
3-.I proudly embrace the "messy hair" look.

That being said, I feel like you know me a little bit better and we can now proceed to talk style.

Every year, when summer starts to fade, I find myself staring at my closet thinking to myself "I have nothing to wear now"... Such a cliche, I know, but isn't this the same conflict most girls have?

When it comes to clothes, I usually think about the present, if I like something that will look amazing on that warm sunny day I would buy it without thinking. It's like an instant reflex I guess, but when it comes to making the seasonal transition I end up feeling unprepared for the cool days and therefore, I have to go shopping and buy things that will be perfect for that cold day. Now that I come to think about it, it's a very odd vicious cycle, but how can we make the best out of our summer wardrobe and avoid turning it into a useless bunch of clothes for the next 6 months?

While drinking my morning cup of tea and looking at all the online shops and Pinterest boards, I thought, maybe, if I bought a couple of key pieces, I could still use them even in the coldest months. It's all about thinking ahead and building a basic collection of "transition" pieces that will come in handy when braving the weather.

For this post, I chose two of my favorite 2014 trends and turned them into "transition" pieces that could easily be used on warm/cold days. Starting with the bomber jacket (which always reminds me of going to the cinema with friends in junior high school for some reason), which is one of my all time favorites and that is having a huge comeback right now! They are so informal but they can work amazing as a chic element of a serious outfit. You can see how much potential the bomber jacket has on this picture, where I teamed this green one with a super feminine and casual outfit and then it goes the opposite way with a more winter friendly but chic set. If you like what you see, I think the best bomber jacket will be waiting for you at a vintage/thrift store but I take it you will see them everywhere!

Our second "transition" piece is a summer favorite, tribal print. These cool prints will stretch their way into the fall trends this year so please don't think on storing that festival tribal t-shirt! Just add a few cozy elements such as a cute beanie and a large kimono.  When the temperature drops, the tribal t-shirt will look awesome with black jeans, hiking boots and a big fluffy parka.

So there you go, hope you find these tips handy and face the weather transition like a pro, with a lot of style but most importantly, feeling good!


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