Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sephora by OPI Nails 8/25/13

I wanted to show you all my nails.  I used Sephora By OPI in Arose Beyond Shimmer.  This color is really glittery and has a few different colors that are reflected with wear.  I will say that it happens to be another one of those that chips off, though, unfortunately.  Literally, the very next day, it started chipping off.  So, if you are one that doesn't mind changing your nail polish very often, you may like this color.  However, if you are one who expects your color to be long-lasting, I don't recommend you pick up this color.  To be fair, I haven't tried it over another color.  Sometimes these glittery polishes do better as more of a top coat, and sometimes it ends up being about the same, regardless.  I used it over a base coat and under a top coat, though, just as I would any other color.  I do really like the color payoff, though.


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