Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: Bigen Hair Color 04/2015

Hi everyone!  I was selected to review the Bigen #47 Medium Chestnut Permanent Powder Hair Color.  As always, my reviews are straight-forward and to the point.  Bottom line, I love the color and do recommend it.  This is the review I posted on the website:

"I highly recommend this product. The packaging is attractive. This is the only hair color I have used that has 100% covered my gray hair. Usually, I can see the gray: it either looks like highlights or still looks the same as it did prior to the color application. This color covered every last one of them. It was very effective. It didn't dry out my hair and I didn't have any type of reaction to it. I loved how it didn't have a harsh aroma at all. It was a very pleasant experience overall. My only complaint is there wasn't enough product in the container to completely cover my head. I would recommend buying several boxes if you have hair longer than chin length. For reference, my hair is past shoulder length and is average in density. I was able to cover a little less than half of my hair with one bottle. Other than that, it was perfect. I plan to continue using this product and hope those that do try it love it as much as I do.  As the color faded, because freshly applied it was very dark, it looked beautiful.  My gray appeared as highlights and not gray.  The color is really beautiful, even after several weeks after the initial application." My advice: I recommend researching any product you put on your skin/body: Check out the ingredients and reviews; Read what the manufacturer says will be the result of use of the prduct; Make an informed decision based on the research you have done.

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