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Beautiful Textures Review 11/18/14

Hi folks!  I was sent a couple of hair products for my honest review and I wanted to share my thoughts with you about these products, as well.  I have never tried any of these products before this and had no idea what to expect.  These products are for curly hair.  If you have curly hair or know someone who does, keep reading.

Beautiful Textures Curl Definer Styling Custard:
Description listed on website:  "Attain the ultimate moisture, definition and curl control with Curl Definer Styling Custard! By smoothing, softening, and protecting, this advanced blend of soft-hold conditioners and moisturizers helps promote natural curl elongation and healthy looking growth. Use regularly to hold and elongate curls providing non-sticky, frizz-free lasting styles with a natural shine."

My thoughts:  This is a great product!  It has a pleasant smell, provides great hold while still being touchable, manageable, soft and natural.  I feel it allows my hair to be in its naturally curly state without being fluffy, puffy, frizzy or wild.  My hair still has volume as this is not heavy, which I am very pleased about.  It is not greasy and doesn't leave any residue on my clothing or on me.  I don't have to use hairspray with this product, which in turn encourages more healthy hair.  It doesn't flake off or look unsightly when dried and handled.  It comes with quite a bit of product in the container.  All in all, I very highly recommend this product.  The only flaw is the packaging.  If this were in a tube, pump, or if it came with some sort of applicator so I don't have to dip my fingers into it, it would be flawless.  However, this did not change my rating of the product, as the product itself was fantastic.

Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner:
Description listed on website:  "Dryness and breakage prevent healthy looking hair growth. To help ensure your hair has a fighting chance against daily styling stresses use Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner to help strengthen, rebuild, protect and hydrate.

Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner allows you to embrace more versatile styling options, while protecting your hair from the inside out. To achieve softer, more defined curls, healthier looking elongated coils and simply silky smooth hydrated hair use this feather lite deep penetrating conditioner."

My thoughts:  This is a fantastic product! It can used as a leave-in and as a rinse out conditioner.  It has a great smell that isn't over-whelming.  Each time I use it, I feel like my fingers just glide through my hair.  I have never felt my hair so soft!  Even the next day, it still felt super soft.  It helped my tangles comb right through and didn't irritate my scalp.  You don't have to use a lot to get amazing results.  A little goes a long way and the container has quite a bit of product.  All in all, this is a fantastic product and I don't hesitate to recommend it.  I find it is better than my high-end hair products.  The only drawback is the packaging.  If this were in a tube or pump, I would love it even more.  I didn't particularly care for having to dip my fingers in the container but I didn't let that change my rating.  The product is phenomenal!  I even tried it on my daughter's hair and it helped keep her curls looking healthy and controlled.  Her hair normally can look a little dry if you touch it once it has dried.  With the conditioner, it looked fantastic throughout the day.

I am very grateful I was able to try these out.  Thank you so much for sending me these awesome products.  I have truly fallen in love with them!  They have impressed me and I am looking forward to continue using and enjoying these products.  You should check these products out if they are available in your area.

**Please note:  These products were sent for my honest review.  I was not paid to review these products.  I would not recommend them had not I truly liked them.  I will always be honest about my thoughts on products, regardless of how I received them.  That is the only way I will agree to review a product.  I will reject a product if I am asked to lie in any way.  If the company sending them is confident in their product, then they won't require anyone to lie about it in order for it to be sent. •Product description quotes are from the Beautiful Textures website.

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