Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Introduction and Disclaimer

Hello and welcome to my happy place!

The purpose of this blog is to keep track of the makeup looks I create and to recommend products I enjoy using.  I also hope to inspire others with the looks I create.  The opinions expressed in this blog are mine alone.  Any items I list have been personally purchased by me or given to me for review.  Any time I recommend a product, it is solely based on my experience with the product.  You may not have the same results or agree with my review.  Experiences will vary based on skin tone, technique, etc.  Anyone who purchases any product I recommend does so at their own risk and does not hold me liable for any/all harm or damage caused by using said product.

I, also, wanted to give you all a tidbit on information about me.  I graduated high school with my state license in cosmetology.  So, I have received formal training on makeup, skin care, hair, nails, etc.   I use much of what was taught as a basis in how I do my personal beauty routine.  The recommendations I make are from many, many hours of practice and study.   Now, all that being said, I only recommend products based on my knowledge and experience.  If something doesn't work for you or you experience any type of negative effect, I highly recommend seeing someone, such as a dermatologist or a licensed cosmetologist, who can specifically tailor/recommend products based on your individual needs in person.   I am not responsible in any way for any adverse side effects from using products.   Any time you use products, you use them at your own risk.   You are welcome to use my advice in creating looks and experimenting with products, but just keep in mind these are things that work for me.  You may have to explore to get similar results.

At the same time, this blog isn't limited to only makeup.   I may write about other things which are not beauty-related that I feel passionate about.

Do not copy my photos.  Create a link to my site for reference and due credit.

I will be moderating comments in an attempt to keep this a positive website.  Any comments that are just plain rude and nasty or are for self-promotion will be subject to deletion.

I will be adding pictures and listing what products I used to achieve the looks pictured.  If you should have any questions feel free to ask.  I will do my very best to offer assistance.  You can also email me at BlendItOut@gmail.com for a more personalized response.

Thank you for reading.  I hope you enjoy my blog.  And remember to Blend It Out. :)


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I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog. In an effort to keep my blog positive, I will be moderating any and all messages and deleting outright rude, distateful comments and any comments meant solely for self-promotion.